Holistic Dentistry in San Francisco, CA

Holistic Dentistry in San Francisco, CA

Holistic dentistry, which is also known as biological dentistry, is a method that deals with nontoxic restorative alternatives for dental health. In simpler words, holistic dentistry considers the patient's overall health when formulating the dental treatment for them. The dentist provides a holistic approach to understanding the long-lasting effects of the treatment on the body. The dentist team at Reef Dental follows it as a preventative approach that helps to maintain oral health. 

What are the consequences of gum disease and oral bacteria on dental health?

We make use of OralDNA® testing in our practice to get an in-depth view of the oral bacteria causing gum disease. These bacteria that we neglect, thinking it's not a big deal, may later progress to life-threatening diseases in our bodies. Some of the symptoms that show you may need an OralDNA test are any genetic inflammatory response, persisting bad breath, bleeding or swollen gums, jawbone loss leading to tooth loss. Here are some of the diseases that might come with untreated oral pathogens.

Cardiovascular disease: Oral bacteria that lead to gum disease may cause cardiovascular disease bypassing the bacterial infection through the bloodstream affecting the heart valves. But with OralDNA® testing, we can identify the dangerous bacteria beforehand and treat your condition as soon as possible.

Metabolic health and Diabetes: High levels of bacteria causing gum disease can directly have an impact on hyperglycemia as periodontal inflammation affect the glycaemic control negatively.

Health During Pregnancy: The oral microbiota changes during pregnancy, and the count of gum disease-causing bacteria increases, making the periodontal inflammation worse over time. Among these oral pathogens, there might occur infections affecting the maternal blood and the placenta, which may affect your fetus. So, it is essential to go for a dental visit time by time to keep yourself and your little one safe during this period.

Development of Cancer and Risk of Progression: The periodontal disease caused by excessive smoking or other tobacco products may increase the chances of oral cancer. In some cases, the elevated counts of these bacteria may lead to breast cancer. 

Joint and Musculoskeletal Health: A number of studies have proven to have a high risk of periodontitis with Rheumatoid arthritis. Early diagnosis can help prevent any signs of this chronic inflammatory disease.

Dementia and Brain Health: Poor oral health routine can higher the levels of the bacteria in your gums which may risk the chances of developing Alzheimer's or any other type of dementia. 

Holistic dentistry provides treatments that help the patient avoid health problems that may occur in the future as the repercussions of the dental treatment. It offers long-term wellness custom-made for each patient.

The expert team of dentists of Reef Dental at San Francisco, CA, facilitates holistic dentistry for the patients. Call at (415) 563-8123 and get an appointment with our team to know more about dental treatments and services. 


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