Holistic Dentistry in San Francisco, CA

Holistic Dentistry in San Francisco, CA

Holistic dentistry, which is also known as biological dentistry, is a method that deals with nontoxic restorative alternatives for dental health. In simpler words, holistic dentistry considers the patient's overall health when formulating the dental treatment for them. The dentist provides a holistic approach to understanding the long-lasting effects of the treatment on the body. The dentist team at Reef Dental follows it as a preventative approach that helps to maintain oral health. 

Methods practiced under Holistic dentistry

  • Dentists who follow holistic dentistry use distilled water during the treatment, which falls into the sterilization protocol. It helps to avoid conditions like cross-infection. 
  • The patients are asked to follow proper nutrition post-treatment. It helps to enhance recovery by speeding the healing process. It also helps to avoid reverse dental disease. 
  • Ozone is used during dental treatment as it is an ideal disinfectant. It helps to treat infections and avoid infections that dental procedures may cause. 
  • In holistic dentistry treatments, there is less use of radiation. Advanced digital x-ray systems are used for the treatment, which confirms minimum radiation exposure. 
  • Only biocompatible materials are used as chemicals like mercury and metal fillings are toxic to the body. Only safe filling materials are used if necessary for the treatment. 

Benefits of Holistic dentistry.

  • It considers the link between the mouth and the body and performs natural and healthy procedures to provide attentive care. 
  • There are no fluoride treatments under holistic treatment. They are considered to cause health concerns like dementia and bone cancer. 
  • Patients undergo a biocompatibility test to understand which material can be the best for each patient. 
  • Minimal use of painkillers is prescribed, considering the effects it may have on the health of the patient. More natural remedies are advised to be followed during holistic dental treatments. 
  • It facilitates previous treatment corrections by removing amalgam fillings. Mercury is potentially harmful and can cause various health problems due to which safe filling materials are used for the treatment. 

Holistic dentistry provides treatments that help the patient avoid health problems that may occur in the future as the repercussions of the dental treatment. It offers long-term wellness custom-made for each patient. The expert team of dentists of Reef Dental at San Francisco, CA, facilitates holistic dentistry for the patients. Call at (415) 563-8123 and get an appointment with our team to know more about dental treatments and services. 


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