Cosmetic Dentistry in San Francisco, CA

Cosmetic Dentistry in San Francisco, CA

Cosmetic dentistry is primarily intended towards improving the aesthetics of the mouth. It gives your smile a makeover by improving the color, shape, and size of your teeth. Cosmetic dentistry works on the following cosmetic problems:

  • Discoloration and staining
  • Decay and cavities 
  • Chipped, broken and excessively spaced teeth
  • Gummy smile
  • Missing teeth

What are the services provided?

Gum contouring

If your teeth rest too low or too high, the gum-line looks uneven. Gum contouring helps in reshaping the gums to enhance the appearance of your smile. Your dentist will remove the extra gum tissues to expose the right amount of teeth. Gum contouring leaves you with a broad and natural looking smile.

Zoom teeth whitening

Zoom is a teeth whitening solution that helps you attain a bright and lustrous smile. It can make your smile up to 8 shades brighter in just 45 minutes. Before starting the whitening process, teeth are cleaned to remove food debris and plaque deposits. An advanced whitening gel, rich in oxidizing agents, is applied to the frontal surface of your teeth. A blue led light is then reflected to activate the oxidizing agents in the gel. The oxidizing agents break the stains and remove discoloration. The process is repeated 4-5 times to achieve the desired result. Zoom provides both in-office and at-home whitening solutions.


Veneers help in reconstructing the smile by fixing discolored, chipped, broken and excessively spaced teeth. They are thin ceramic shells that cover the surface of defective teeth. Your cosmetic dentist will remove 0.3 mm to 1 mm of your tooth enamel to make space for the veneer. The veneer will then be bonded to your tooth to improve its color, shape, and size.


Crowns are tooth-shaped porcelain caps that fully cup the outer structure of teeth. This improves the appearance and also maintains the shape, size, and strength of the teeth. They help in restoring decayed, broken, chipped, and damaged teeth.

Enamel Shaping

Enamel reshaping helps in removing little chips and rough areas from the topical surface of the tooth. The doctor makes fine adjustments on the surface and contours teeth for a better shape and appearance. It is a quick cosmetic dental procedure that provides a smooth and lustrous smile. 

Dental implants

Missing teeth can be a major turnoff for your social life. Dental implants help in restoring these missing teeth and also help you regain confidence and self-esteem. Dental implants are artificial tooth roots and are surgically inserted into the jaw. These false roots hold dental prostheses like crowns, bridges, and dentures in place. Dental implants are the closest replacement you get to natural teeth.

Composite Bonding

Composite bonding is a cosmetic procedure that molds your teeth to appear straighter and whiter. A tooth-colored resin is used to repair chipped and excessively spaced teeth. It can also be used to treat discoloration.

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