Over the past 111 years, the flat plane occlusal guard has been used to secure teeth for clenching and tooth grinding. In the year 1908, Moritz Karolyi, a Viennese dentist, described bruxism as “traumatic neuralgia” and stated “it was the cause of a periodontal condition called pyorrhea (periodontitis).  

Isn't it the time for a new design? 
In July 2019, the FDA FDA has cleared, Advanced Facialdontics’ appliance, the POD™, Preventative Oral Devise, a device using the Unilateral BiteBlock Technology® for Bruxism and TMJ. 

POD™ is a custom-made, laboratory fabricated intraoral mandibular splint designed to help in the treatment of clenching grinding (Bruxism) and TMJ. This is worn during sleep to protect the teeth, crowns, veneers and restorations from the harmful forces of Bruxism and helps to relieve headaches, TMJ and muscle pain.

Unilateral BiteBlock Technology®

 When the dental arches are out of contact, the trigeminal innervated muscular activity gets reduced. This decreases muscle tension and can help to relieve the related jaw pain and symptoms of headache. Unilateral BiteBlock Technology® offers more space for the tongue that is free to breathe better during sleep than the flat plane occlusal night guard that prevents the tongue from coming forward.


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