Oral DNA test

Oral DNA test is a diagnostic tool that helps to detect oral health issues through saliva testing. Saliva contains DNA which has biomarkers in it. They are traceable substances that can help in detecting the diseases of the person. It is also a genetic test that helps to analyze the risk of developing various oral diseases. At Reef Dental, Oral DNA tests are provided to symptomatic patients to understand their oral issues. Dr. Chukreeff, the expert dentist, provides OraRisk HPV, OraRisk Caries, My PerioPath, My PerioPath  IL-6, Alert 2, Celsus One, OrRisk Candida, MyPerioID IL-1, OraRisk HSV, OraRisk CT/NG, and OraRisk COVID-19 RT-PCR. 

Benefits of Oral DNA test.

  • It provides quick results, unlike traditional blood tests. Rapid results also help aid faster treatment for the patients. Oral DNA tests are done after treatment to detect the effectiveness of the treatment and understand the post-treatment changes in the person. 
  • It is an inexpensive test for most patients. Oral DNA tests are affordable than blood tests, and patients do not have to imagine a hole in the pocket when considering getting the test done. 
  • Oral DNA test helps to detect genetic markers which can be the cause of inflammation and periodontal diseases. Post periodontal destruction can be alarming, the reason to which can be understood through the test. 
  • The test helps to detect the presence of cariogenic bacteria in the body. It also helps to assess the quantity of the bacteria that causes caries risk. 
  • It helps to detect HPV that causes oral cancer or increases the risk of it in the body. Oral DNA tests help in the early detection of cancer and help to monitor the patients with it until they are treated with procedures. 
  • Oral DNA test helps to create accurate treatments for the patients according to their diagnosis. The treatment provided is more precise and helps to improve the condition of the patient. 
  • There are no needles involved in the treatment. The non-invasive process helps patients not to worry about the process and be in comfort throughout the procedure. 

Reef Dental has experienced dentists who can walk the patients through the entire procedure of Oral DNA tests. The team attends to all the personal queries at its dentistry located in San Francisco, CA. Dial (415) 563-8123 and book an appointment with the expert dentists. 


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