Integrative Dentistry

In Integrative dentistry, the dentists believe in the connection between mouth-body connection, which asserts that whatever the mouth goes through affects the entire body. They understand how oral health and overall health are interconnected. Integrative dentists utilize both conventional treatment methods and holistic methods to achieve successful outcomes. Thus, at Reef Dental, our dentist, Dr. Chukreeff, and his team understand that by considering the body as a whole, they can better focus on the wellness of the patient before and after the treatment.

With the gaining popularity of integrative dentistry, dentists worldwide are making efforts to use the latest treatment methods for the well-being of their patients. Our dentist in San Francisco will look into his patient's medical and dental history, listen and understand their lifestyle or perspective to choose the appropriate dental solution according to the individual dental needs. He deeply insights and considers essential factors that are affecting the patient's health and wellness, even including the mind, body, blood pressure, diet, sleep, etc. Each of them plays a vital role in contributing to dental problems. We don't just treat acute trauma but take an account for everything causing it. The American Board of Physician Specialties (ABPS) provides the certification for integrative medicine through the ABOIM.


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