Homeoblock Process

How does the Homeoblock™ process work?

At Reef Dental, we are happy to offer the Homeoblock™ Appliance for our patients to treat facial aging and enhance breathing by helping correct swallowing, tongue position, and postural changes of the bones of the cranial facial system. 

How can the Homeoblock™ appliance help you? 

The Homeoblock™ goes beyond simply straightening your teeth to result in the following benefits: 

  • Prominent cheekbones
  • Wider smile
  • Decreased fine lines and facial wrinkles
  • Improved facial symmetry
  • Fixing of sleeping and breathing-related disorders.
  • Facial enhancement
  • Anti-aging

How does the Homeoblock™ appliance work?

The Homeoblock™ appliance works similarly to a retainer. Patients need to wear the device inside of their mouth all night long. Some people are advised to wear it during a few daytime hours as well. 

Over several months to a few years, the appliance results in remodeling the facial bones, strengthening the muscles of the face, and aligning the teeth. 

The appliance works by harnessing the energy of the swallowing mechanism, applying intermittent pressure on the facial bones resulting in the bones changing their shape. The device does not exert any stress on the teeth. Instead, they gently get straightened during the process by the special springs that are adjusted by the dentist.

The Homeblock™ also helps to correct underdeveloped jaws that usually have crowded teeth, complex maintenance logistics, and less than optimal bone to preserve strong teeth. Supporting the development of the jaw generates more room for improved tooth alignment and better tooth support.

The Homeblock™ device works along with our body so that ṭhe physiological developments occur as a natural process and assists in supporting the development of the facial bones and strengthen facial muscles. 

If you want to know more about the Homeblock™ device, call (415) 563-8123 to schedule an appointment with Reef Dental. 



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