Face and Airway Development

Since the body is a complex system with several variables that we need to consider, which impact breathing and sleep, a thorough assessment is essential to determine the right care plan for our patients.

The Homeoblock™ protocol, which treats craniofacial dystrophy has been shown to improve malformed and underdeveloped airways. The Homeoblock™ appliance interacts with the body in such a way that physiological changes occur naturally. When wearing the Homeoblock™ the appliances’ design sends a cyclical intermittent light signal to the periodontal ligament, which surrounds the root of the teeth. The Homeoblock™ unique Unilateral Biteblock® technology simulates the body by replacing the missing hard food in our diet. Epigenetic signalling induces new bone growth and positional changes in the bone structure of the face. These craniofacial changes occur due in part to each person’s genetic potential.

Treatment with the Homeoblock™ results in remodelling the maxilla (upper jaw) and offers better jaw positioning and more space for the tongue. When you wear the Homeoblock™ the only way you can swallow is the correct way, by pressing the middle third of the tongue flat against your palate.


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