Digital X-Rays: Logicon Caries Detector PreScan

Logicon Caries Detector PreScan is a software tool that assists dentists in diagnosing the proximal surface dental caries and cavities in their initial stage on digital x-rays. The software scans the digital x-ray on the computer screen and exposes dental caries that are not easily visible to the naked eye.

By detecting dental caries in their early stage, this latest advancement in dental technology allows it to fix the cavities with small fillings in less invasive and less expensive methods. 

Researches have shown that Logicon Caries Detector can help detect 20% more cavities than those identifiable with the naked human eye. The technology also enables dentists to monitor the progress of tooth decay and fix it accordingly. Furthermore, by using Logicon Caries Detector, dentists can easily distinguish between a real dental cavity and an artifact that seems like a cavity in x-rays.

How does Logicon Caries Detector PreScan work to detect and Monitor Caries?

The Logicon caries detector software works by scanning the digital x-rays and outlining the cavities. A YELLOW color outline means the cavity is in a very initial stage and doesn't need fillings. In such cases, our dentists suggest patients take better care of teeth at home to prevent the progress of the cavities. A RED outline indicates that the cavity has advanced to its second layer and needs to be fixed using fillings.

The Logicon Caries Detector PreScan enhances the easier detection process of dental caries. The software works by applying the algorithm on all qualified interproximal surfaces within a radiograph to create a representation of dental cavities, enabling the dentist to support manual verdicts by concentrating on the areas that need more examination.

  • Find and analyze possible proximal cavities in a few clicks.
  • Store and show selected results for several high-risk areas on a single radiograph.
  • Display more precise data by showing the extent of the cavities.
  • Obtain factual probability data on the presence of proximal caries.
  • Monitor classification and probability changes over time.
  • Analyze results instantly and then save them for further use.
  • Recover details about tooth density fluctuations and lesion possibility for each area, displayed as a graphical representation.
  • With Logicon Caries Detector PreScan, dentists can automatically generate results by PreScan on bitewings or manually on both bitewings and PA radiographic images.

Benefits of Logicon Caries Detector PreScan 

If a cavity is not treated in its initial stage using fillings, it can advance to deeper layers of teeth. A tooth with a deep cavity or infection might end up requiring a root canal procedure, dental crown, or tooth extraction. Thus, by detecting dental caries in their initial stages using Logicon caries detector prescan, the patients can thus avoid more invasive, costly, and painful procedures, making dental treatments more comfortable and easy. 


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