Cavity Reversal

Silver diamine fluoride (SDF) is a gel-like medicament that helps to prevent tooth cavities from growing and spreading inside the mouth. It is an alternative to dental restorative treatments for young kids and adolescents to help prevent tooth cavities. It is a treatment that is beneficial to specially-abled children. One can also apply SDF to healthy teeth to avoid the formation of cavities in the future. 

How is SDF applied?

SDF is a mixture that contains silver, water, fluoride, and ammonia. The teeth that require the treatment are isolated using a cotton roll. The surface of the teeth is dried, and topical application of SDF is made onto the teeth. It has to be left on the teeth for 60 seconds, which is the most critical step of the process. The excess SDF on the teeth has to be removed using a cotton roll, after which a thin layer of fluoride varnish is applied to the treated teeth. Application of the varnish is an optional process that helps create a barrier and keep the silver in contact with the teeth. One can reapply SDF according to the condition of tooth decay.

Benefits of SDF

  • It is antimicrobial in nature. It helps to kill the cariogenic bacteria in the cavity that has formed. SDF also helps prevent the bacteria from spreading to the other teeth. 
  • The gel smeared on the teeth is odorless. It does not cause any irritation when breathing during the treatment. 
  • It is a cost-effective treatment. The treatment outcome outweighs its cost and helps to avoid future chances of decay if reapplied as per the dentist's instructions. 
  • It is an easy process under dentistry as it is a simple and quick application of the gel that gets over in 5 minutes. One might have to take multiple sessions for SDF according to the spread of the cavity.  

The effectiveness of the treatment has made it an option for treating tooth decay in most places. It is available in stores for use but is best advised to be used under the supervision of an expert dentist. Safe application of SDF can be done at Reef Dental, where the expert dentists can walk you through all the information about the procedure. 

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