To treat facial aging and improve breathing, the Homeoblock™ protocol was developed. It works by sending a signal to the body to express genes that have not been expressed before. The Homeoblock™ appliance provides the requisite signal to the body by replacing the missing hard food in our diet and producing proper swallowing and tongue posture. Proper swallowing and posture of the tongue will enhance our breathing. The main theory behind aging is that we're losing volume in our midface. We're losing weight, collagen, and bone. The Homeoblock™ treatment has shown to increase the midface volume resulting in a younger appearance of the face.

The Homeoblock™ appliance works by transmitting cyclic intermittent light to the periodontal ligament around the roots of the tooth and to the bone. This provides the requisite stimulation of the underlying bone to stimulate new bone growth and initiate bone positional changes. In addition, it exercises the muscles under your tongue responsible for holding the airway open. Over time, the appliance has been shown to:

o Remodelling the upper jaw by making it wider. 

o Changes the size and form of the maxilla and mandible  

o Improves symmetry of the face 

o Creates room to straighten your teeth 

o Promotes proper swallowing and posture of the tongue 

o Tones pharyngeal airways and reduces inflammation 

o Improves breathing


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